Local/Regional Plan

EmployIndy's WIOA Region 12 Local plan/Regional plan for planning Region 5 and 12  for July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2020.

EmployIndy's vision is to drive growth in Indianapolis by investing in innovative strategies that ensure all residents have access to career pathways where they gain the skills needed to enter into the jobs (and ultimately careers) that Indianapolis' employers have to offer.


ABC – Any Job, Better Job, Career
When it comes to building a career, it’s a journey not a destination.  Our goal at EmployIndy is to help residents find jobs and develop a work history.  After demonstrating on-the-job competencies, we empower individuals to take on additional responsibilities that align with higher pay and continued learning opportunities.  Finally, we match persons with interest and aptitude to high-demand fields that help grow our local economy. 

Neighborhood Prioritization
Indianapolis has a strong track record facilitating and supporting Quality of Life planning for our neighborhoods.  Quality of Place or redevelopment projects offer big wins that attract and retain talent.  Our focus on Quality of People initiatives will support residents as they pursue the American Dream;   investing in education, training and work experiences for individuals in targeted neighborhoods will grow our city’s potential from the inside. 

Youth Employment
Building off the Mayor’s priority to win the race for Indy’s youth, EmployIndy is committed to providing career information and substantive employment opportunities for young people in our city.  From exposure to industries and employers driving our local economy to paid opportunities where youth can earn and learn, we will hold the vision for our community’s collective effort to prepare young people for the jobs of the future. 

Career and Technical Education Focus
In coordination with K-12, community college partners and other stakeholders, EmployIndy will ensure that students and adult workers alike make smart choices about their career, have the skills that matter to employers and have access to in-demand jobs that require more than high school degree but less than a four-year bachelors degree. 

Service Coordination
Indy is resource rich but services are often delivered in silos by funding stream, institution or sector.  EmployIndy is well-positioned to use the lens of employment to wrap around additional value-add supports.  Coordinating the delivery of resources in a timely fashion, meeting individuals where they are at and aligning services with the user-end experience front of mind is paramount to increase the likelihood of success for individuals and our city. 

Results-based Accountability
EmployIndy uses data to inform our decision-making and hold our partners accountable.  Measuring performance and using metrics that ultimately help us assess whether those we serve are better off as a result of our investments will be a guiding principle.  We will use a publicly available dashboard to communicate to our stakeholders – you – in a transparent fashion. 

Leverage other Initiatives and Institutions
While there has been a significant amount of energy committed to the workforce development space over the last few years, there is a lack of synergy.  EmployIndy will work with partners including Central Indiana Corporate Partnership (CICP), The Indy Chamber, the Region 5 Works Council, GIPC and local employers and education providers to determine roles and responsibilities.  We will leverage institutional competencies and efficiencies to better serve residents living and working in Indianapolis.



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